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Who is Grimdork?
Tabs Grimdork is an illustrator, music composer, game developer, and voice actor. Throughout high school, Tabs was an artist who had a passion for creating dark/edgy art and punk rock music. Tabs first got into graphic design after signing up for a class in high school that taught Photoshop and other digital editing software. From there on out Tabs was hooked.

After graduating from high school, Tabs secured a minimum wage job in an ice cream parlor. But it wasn’t long before realizing that something was missing from life. Tabs needed to do something creative. 

It was purely by accident that Tabs came across the website Spreadshirt, and decides to showcase art by digitally creating it and putting it on T-shirts and coffee mugs. From there, Tabs started building up a portfolio and setting up an online store. 

As time went on, Tabs expanded into other online stores including Redbubble and DBH. Over the years, Tabs continued to hone artistic skills and started learning other software such as Inkscape.  


Towards the end of college Tabs was inspired by Daft Punk, Celldweller, Deadmua5, and S3RL to start making electronic music. Despite being a broke college student, Tabs spent money on FL Studio and began making music.

Finally after having experience in digital art and music, it was time for Tabs to dive into a new creative world, video game development. After being inspired by the video games "Undertale" and "Chook and Sosig", Tabs decided it was time to get serious and bring this dream to life. After learning how to use Gamemaker Studio, Tabs started crafting the first Grimdork original game "Timidna's Path".

Some time later on May 14th 2018 Tabs discovered a new passion, voice acting, and started up a YouTube channel dedicated to it. In January of 2021 that channel reached 10,000 subscribers. In early 2022 due to complications with YouTube's policy enforcement in regards to voice actors content across the platform, Tabs made the tough decision to step back from voice acting and focus on making other videos such as gothic DIY.

To be continued...

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