The info on this page is to give a basic overview of what I offer. If you have anything specific you want for your art that isn't covered on this page, please don't hesitate to ask about it when you contact me. To get in touch with me, go to my contact page or message me on Twitter @GrimdorkDesign.
Commission subject types:


(can be of any character or person)

Illustrated portrait

(Photo of subject required)

Commission art types:

Line art

Line art & color

Line art & cell shading

Full package

Background types:

(click images to enlarge)


(works for most art types)

(can be any color)

Click to view


(works best with colored/full)

Click to view

With lines

(works with all art types)

Click to view


(works best with colored/full)

Click to view

Base prices:


Line art ($5), Line art & color ($10), Line art & shading ($10), Full Package ($15)



Time price:

I decide my prices on a $10 per hour measurement. After figuring out what art you want based on the previous sections of this page, I will give you a quote of the maximum total hours I expect it would take me to finish the work and how much it will cost. That will be the maximum I will charge. If it takes me less time I will only charge you for the total hours worked.

Example: If I quote a job will take 8 hours ($80) but complete it in 6 hours I will only charge $60. And if it takes longer the price will remain capped at $80.

(Note that the base price must be payed before work begins on your art.)

(If for whatever reason I am unable to finish the art, you'll be given a full refund)

(If you cancel the commission after I've already started the art, the base price will not be refunded)

All payments go to my PayPal


Additional Survices:

-Time lapse video of the digital process for you to use however you like + $10

-Exclusive rights to the artwork (I will not use, post, or share it with anyone but you) + $10

Price Negotiations:

Worthy Cause Discount

If the artwork is to be used for a good cause (e.g. a suicide prevention event) I'm willing to negotiate a lower price on a case by case basis. Simply mention this when contacting me and have evidence ready to prove the legitimacy of the cause/event.

Exposure Discount

I'm willing to negotiate lower prices in exchange for exposure. This will require that you have some kind of social media following.

In order to be eligible for the exposure discount, you'll need to have a minimum of 100 followers on a Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram.

Next you'll need to make 2 public posts promoting me to your followers. The first one needs to be posted and meet a minimum "like" requirement before I finish the art (retweets on Twitter and shares on Facebook also count for likes)

The second post will need to go up just before I accept your payment and provide you with the final files.

I will provide images to go with your posts. What you say in your post is up to you but it needs to promote me in a positive way and include a link to my website.

Follower/Discount chart:

Less than 500 followers: $1 off per 100 followers (ex. 300 followers = $3 off)

500-700 followers: $6.50 off

700-1000 followers: $9 off

1000-1500 followers: $11 off

1500-2000 followers: $13 off

2000+ followers: $15 off

Minimum "like" requirements:

Less than 500 followers: 10% of total followers (i.e. 100 followers needs 10 likes)

500-700 followers: 11% of total followers

700-1000 followers: 12% of total followers

1000-1500 followers: 13% of total followers

1500-2000 followers: 14% of total followers

2000+ followers: 15% of total followers

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