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Imagine a sci-fi adventure in the distant future that escalates into a struggle for the survival of humanity against a seemingly endless army of evolved and enlarged insects. Laser guns, high speed underground tunnel escapes, and a suicidal last ditch effort to destroy or be destroyed. This is the world I imagined while making this high energy electronic/rock album.

Shooter Album Preview:

Download from

Download from Grimdork:

Price for whole album: $5.00

16 songs, approximately 58 minutes.


Track list

1. Choices 3:31

2. Curb Stomp 2:39

3. Get Out Of My Way 3:34

4. To Sleep 3:40

5. Cellular Wall 2:31

6. Driven 2:06

7. Gravity 3:38

8. Not Alone 2:52

9. It's the Swarm 2:57

10. No Giving Up 3:26

11. Out Of My Head 4:37

12. To the Core 2:50

13. Those Who Made It This Far 4:13

14. Lunch Time 4:00

15. One Last Try 5:07

16. Those Who Did Not Make It 6:30


Feel free to use this music in videos & live streams. For other uses, please contact me.

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