Need Voice Acting or Narration For Your Project?
I'm capable of a wide range of voices and inflections. As of now, the best place to get a feel for my vocal range would be to check out my audio roleplay channel Tabs Grimdork. I would say my major strength is dark/evil characters.
Feel free to contact me and discuss the subject and details. To get in touch with me, go to my contact page or message me on Twitter @TabsGrimdork.
Note: There may be limitations on NSFW content.

Basic prices:


$2 per 100 spoken words in the script


$1 per minute of the finished voice audio

Example: A job with a script of 250 words ($5) that comes out at 5 and a half minutes ($5.50) would total $10.50

Partial payment (the word count portion) will be required upfront before any vocal recording begins.

Once the vocal audio is complete, final payment will be required. After that, you'll receive your audio in mp3 or WAV format.

If after receiving the audio, you wish to have something re-recorded, you'll get 1 free re-do. After that, you need to purchase more.

(note that re-dos do not cover new material added to the script, that will be an extra charge)

All payments go to my PayPal https://www.paypal.me/grimdork


Additional Survices:

-Extra re-do + $3

PayPal invoice +5% of total price

-extra audio effects such as echo, reverb, radio effect, etc. + $5

Technical Stuff:

Time and word count is rounded down to the nearest quarter

Example: (1:21 would round down to 1:15) and (182 words would round down to 175)